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Theater Americana Germany (TAG)

Theater Americana Germany (TAG)

Join our FB Group to play with us every THURSDAY at 5:00 PM CET!

Here's to all the "AMERICANA" you will ever need in Hamburg!

We are a group of passionate Actors in Hamburg, Germany performing staged Play Readings of Vintage Radio Plays and Classic, Modern and new Plays by American Playwrights.

Every Thursday at 5:00 PM CET, the group will be reading a play from ANY American Play/Playwright with the sole purpose to (re)introduce their work. I have found that Hamburg has a niche for American Plays since there are many respectable Theaters here that are already presenting some phenomenal plays from Playwrights from all around the World.

Your Hosts are:

  • Hamburg: Julia Rodriguez-Buis

  • Berlin: Heidi Philipsen Meissner

  • LA & Albuquerque: Ramona DuBarry

Play Reading Schedule for 2020:

Summer Reading Series: TBD

Fall Reading Series: TBD

Winter Reading Series: TBD


1. We will be performing the readings via SKYPE/ZOOM until further notice.

2. Weekly "auditions" will be posted on the Monday prior to the readings. You will need to "sign up" and the link will be emailed to you on Wednesday night.

3. We will strictly follow all International Copyright Rules and guidelines if/when we live stream any of the readings.

4. We will do our best to accommodate those participants who are in a different TIME ZONE than CET.

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