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Moving to Germany

Now that my acting career is in high gear here in LA, my husband received an awesome opportunity with an exciting new Company with an even more exciting job. So, being the unselfish (ha!)) person that I am, we both agreed that he should take the offer even though it requires us to move across to the other side of the world to Germany. At first, I was concerned that we do not speak German but this is the 21st century and google translate works GREAT. Besides, what have I got to lose? They have a huge ACTING community in Germany and what a better way to embrace the Global village by learning another language!? So today, we embark on a cross-country car trip with Bear Dog in tow, then its a 9 day Transatlantic crossing on the beautiful QM2 to our final destination in Germany. We elected NOT to fly since Bear Dog is of the brachycephalic breed (He's a Boxer) and apparently flying with his breed can cause severe breathing problems which could lead to death. NO THANKS.

Here's to a new adventure!

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