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New Management Team!

So after much contemplation and sleepless nights, I decided to part ways with my (now ex) Manager. He was a wonderful person and to make a long story super was just time. I am crazy about acting and everything it encompasses (even when there is math involved on the business side) so I revisited some contacts I made during the Cricket Feet Showcase I performed in last April. I reached out to a targeted Manager who I knew would help me tier-jump into more juicy co-star roles and get me in to the casting offices I NEED to be seen in. I secured a meeting with them and I am super happy to say that I signed with my HELL YEAH rep: STUDIO TALENT GROUP! Woo-hoo and Yay me!!! What I learned from this experience is to always persevere, be yourself, embrace your passion and face fear. Sooooooo in love with my new Management Team and these life lessons! #IBelong

Phil Brock | Wendy Lungaro |Travis Engle 310.393.8004

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