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Signed with Impact Talent Group

Signed with a new commercial agent today! I am now represented by IMPACT TALENT GROUP and the wonderful Sheba Williams. Their office is warm and super friendly and the BS meter in virtually non-existent. Very refreshing considering the sharks that lurk out there in #Hollywood

So far, I have been sent out on a couple of commercial auditions. I got a call that I booked the 2nd one and had to go for wardrobe fitting in Venice the same day and shoot the next San Pedro. Mind you, I live in the Valley so the trek to the water always take the WHOLE DANG DAY. So, I thanked my lucky stars for my new agency, my supportive Hubby and my reliable car. It was a fun shoot and over before I could say blink.

In the meantime, I'm working on my craft as much as possible everyday. A typical day for me involves lots o' research. Let me translate:


Consists of going to movies, watching TV, binge watching anything and everything on Netflix and Amazon, going to shows, reading book and books and books, cross referencing ev-ery-thing on imdbPro until your eyes are crossed, self taping monologues and scenes then laughing and/or crying during the playback because it was so, you know, brilliant and organic, taking classes, etc...etc.... (Trust me its A LOT of "etc".)

It takes a lot of focus, determination and PASSION to be an actor and I am so gracias-ful to be one.

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