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So. About me.


When I was 7, I was carted off to The Good Shepherd Convent in the Philippines which sat on a ridge above an ACTIVE VOLCANO. Srsly. It never erupted while I was there. Booooooring!


Years later, I found myself on cruise ships sailing all around the world. I've pretty much been EVERYWHERE. Once, while I was enjoying an awesome day on the Barbary Coast, an ape jumped on my head, and I screamed, “Take a picture!!!”











The best thing about traveling was meeting my Dutch Officer husband. He’s tall, super smart and likes cheese.


I would be remiss if I did not mention our sweet dog, Bear (rescued 07/26/14). We love him. I secretly wish he was a real little boy. He makes my heart so happy.



Fun Fact #1: Once had a stingray mistake her butt cheek for a piece of squid. It left a mark.

Fun Fact #2: Chocolate rice with dried fish is her occasional comfort food.

Fun Fact #3: Turns her eyelids inside out to scare little children.

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